What makes us different?

The Briquetting machine has no heaters, but it has a cooling radiator. It works according to a completely different principle. The processed material is being heated to a very high temperature not only in the outer layers, throughout the entire volume, thus rendering a briquette featuring parameters not available to other auger machines.

Hoe often the screw auger refurbishment is required?

When the output of the machine falls or the quality decreases despite the proper material used, the auger deterioration is the likely cause. Check the auger. Replacement or refurbishment may be necessary 500 h, but usually it suffices for 800 to 1000 h. Other screw auger briquetting machines, require refurbishment every 50-100 h.

How high is the output?

The output varies up to 150 kg / h. It depends on the type of straw, its moisture content, the grind and straw quality.

What is the temperature range of operation?

The screw auger briquetting machine as the only screw auger briquetting machine can be operated in temperatures from -25 ° C to +25 ° C.

What is the best straw for briquetting?
The best straw is the gray straw, i.e. straw that is exposed to weathering after threshing grain, before baling. Best method is to wait until it rains a few times upon the mown straw.
What should be the parameters of the straw?

Chopped straw humidity should fit between 10 and 22%. The length of chopped straw should not exceed 20 mm.

Is adding binder to the crushed straw required?
No, in the production only and exclusively crushed straw is used.
What is the difference brings use or absence of the heater in the machine?
  • It does not crumble in hands
  • It has uniform structure and volume density of 1 to 1.3 g / cc
  • It does not when burning, the whole oven may be filled with briquette
  • Burning time is at least four times longer, and the heat output is higher
  • It does not have a hole, and therefore burns slower
  • It can be stored up to several years (it cannot be exposed to direct water - rain, snow, etc.)
  • It keeps structure in transport – does not disintegrate to raw material.
What are the conditions and how long can is recommended storage time?

Briquettes should be stored under a roof or cover. They do not have to be stored in dry and ventilated places, but it may not be exposed to direct precipitation. Stored in a humid basement does not lose its calorific values, or change the shape and structure. It can be stored for several years, without loss to the parameters.

Where can I see the machine?

Briquetting machine can be seen in our company after a phone arrangement, and also at the fair, which will be announced on our website.

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