Screw auger briquetting machines

Our Briquetting Machine

Briquetting machines offered by our company are the only devices of this kind, patented in Poland (P-388314) and all over the world (PCT/PL2010/000049). Thus we are the only manufacturer of these systems.

Product Description

Our briquetting machines have no heaters, and heat generated during the briquetting process provides for a uniform voluem density of the briquette . The briquette has no hole in the middle and therefore it burns less intensly with burning time comparable with that of coal burning . Calorific value of 16-22 GJ / t. The output of the briquetting machine can reach150 kg / h depending on the material used, its fineness, quality, and humidity. Humidity of the briquetted material 10-22%.

The machine is powered with a 11kW or 15 kW electric motor , and the electric transmission of variable speed.

The device carries 12 months warranty.
Warranty does not cover items subject to regular wear and tear during the operation, i.e. the screw auger, bearings, bushings, and heads.


The big advantage is small size of the device and a short rail where briquettes cool down, so you do not need large production space to start-up production.

And these are the only briquetting machines in the world that can operate at - 25 ° C

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