Crop straw briquettes

Our briquette

Our briquette is new in the global market. It is the only straw briquette coming from screw auger briquetting machines having density in the range of 1.1 g / cc uniformely distributed in the entire volume. Burning time is very similar to that of coal burning . The production process has been patented by our company.

Crop straw briquettes make excellent fuel material, that meets all environmental standards. Our briquettes are pressed in under high pressure in high temperature . It has a uniform density within the entire volume. It has no hole, and therefore burns slower than briquettes with a hole offered by other producers. Our briquettes do not swell inburning.

Briquettes can be burned in kitchen ovens, central heating ovens, in fireplaces and grill. The remaining ash is harmless to the environment and can be used as agricultural or gardening fertilizer.

Briquettes can be packaged in 50 kg bags , BIG BAG bags (500-1500 kg), or formed on the pallets. We can also customize packaging method to meet the customer’s needs.

Do not expose briquettes to direct weather conditions. Stored under the roof does not lose its characteriscts for several years even if not packed.

Length of the briquette varies to 1000 mm. It can me adjusted to the customer’s needs.

Specifications and price

Material: crop straw
Humidity: 4,46%
Ash content: 3,38%
Bulk density: 1070 kg/m³
Heat output: 18174 kJ/kg
Chlorine content: 0,039%

Diameter - 90 mm

For larger quantities, prices can be negotiated.

Consumers are very happy with it!

  • It does not crumble in the hands
  • It has uniform structure and density of 1 to 1.3 g / cc
  • It does not swell when burning, so the whole oven may be filled with briquette
  • Burning time is at least four times longer, and the burning briquettes produces much higher temperature
  • It does not have a hole, which provides for quicker burning
  • It can be stored for several years (it cannot be exposed to direct water - rain, snow, etc.)

It keeps structure in transport – does not disintegrate to raw material. It has lower chlorine content, i.e. 0.039%!

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